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The school has round the clock supervision of a medical team. Parents will be informed immediately of serious cases, if any, so that they can provide specialist treatment to their boys at their own expense. The school however assumes no liability for injuries sustained, if any due to games and other activities.


Only vegetarian meals will be provided with one glass of Milk (200 ml) daily. Emphasis is laid on a well balanced diet. Parents are requested NOT to bring eatables purchased from the market for their children when they come to visit them as it has an adverse effect on other children.


Educational tours will be organized by the School from time to time. The cost shall be borne by the parents..


R.O Water is also available for Children

Advance Classes will be maintained as under :-
1st Year Class I and II
2nd Year Class III and IV
3rd Year Class V and VI
4th Year Class VII
5th Year Only Revision (Test Series)

Educational and feature films will be also shown from time to time to the students. Games and other activities will be conducted to maintain the physical of student.

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